Press Release


Press Release

It’s 2019 and the team at Candle Packaging USA has been listening to your packaging, mold, and product needs.

We are excited to be offering several new products this year and would like to start by telling you a little bit about the material we use and what reasons we have for using them.

First and foremost, they are all made in domestically manufactured film and sheet. We find that the domestically produced product is better in quality. It's clearer, not yellow in tint, fewer inclusions and black points. It is also more impact resistant.

The second reason is domestic film and sheet are more reliably procured. Anyone who was impacted by the PET shortage in the Fall of 2018 knows what we mean.

Most RPET, APET, PET, and PVC, under normal conditions, is available in three to five weeks. Foreign films typically have a four to six week lead time but are routinely held up in USA ports for weeks at a time.

We know that domestically sourced products does not always mean lowest possible price but for the majority of our customers, our sourcing choice has enabled us to make the best overall product with some of the best delivery times in the industry.

We decided we were not going to take calls from disappointed and angry customers trying to explain why our product looked bad, was yellow, and cracked easily.

The film and sheet stuck at the ports of New York, Newark, and Baltimore are also an unacceptable answers to our customers

Your thoughts and continued constructive comments are always welcome.

Lakyn, Tammy, and Scott January 2019