Candle Packaging USA

Serving Fortune 500 candle companies for over a decade giving same level service to small home and start up companies

Price competitive with products manufactured around the world

Can develop and manufacture custom products to fit your specific needs

We offer clamshell tart packaging, breakaway 6 cavity tart clamshell, small 6 cavity melt clamshell mold, original candle covers designs, next generation, updates of existing industry offerings, and custom solutions in plastic

Our candle packaging is manufactured in PVC and PET. Our PVC is exclusively made in the United States as it is the highest quality made worldwide. Our PET offerings are mostly (over 90%) of American manufacture.

American made products designed and manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland Candle Packaging USA sources film, sheet, and corrugated materials from USA manufacturers

Candle Packaging USA

2717 Wilmarco Ave. #101

Baltimore, MD 21223

(410) 878-6797

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